Yeast Infections in Women

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Many women in their lifetime suffer once from yeast infection or candidiasis which can lead to vaginal itching. Vaginal itching is a major problem among women which can make them uncomfortable at any situation. It can be caused due to variety of reasons like exercising in tight fitting clothes and not having shower after workouts. Yeast generally comes up in damp places so it is very essential to bath after exercise to keep your body free from bacteria and yeast.

Often products used like soaps, detergents, douches can lead to irritation in the vaginal area. Consumption of antibiotics can also sometimes result in yeast infections. Antibiotics are used to treat pneumonia by eliminating the bacteria, but often it may remove the good bacteria from the body. Now when the beneficial bacteria are removed, it makes way for yeast infections resulting in vaginal itching. This infection cannot be treated by antibiotics, because that doesn’t work on yeast. Antibiotics are used to remove bacteria that cause itching.

Douching should be avoided as it can remove the essential bacteria and instead bring on infection along with it. As stated by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the vagina has the ability to clean itself so there is no need for douching. Irrespective of that, some medicines like betadine douche is used to cure yeast infection.

Monistat-7 is the best medicine, which is used to treat yeast infection, but make sure you do have yeast problems before using the product. It’s better to consult your doctor, and undergo test to determine that itching is the result of yeast infection or some other problem. The treatment for vaginal itching depends on the root cause, so any time you feel discomfort you should immediately consult your doctor before the problem is aggravated. Your sexual health depends much upon how you care for your sexual organs and other health issues.

Vaginal itching

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