Yeast Infection Home Remedies? 2 Home Remedies For Yeast Infections That Work Like Magic! by Ty Lamai

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Anyone who has experienced the nasty effects of yeast infection before knows and understands how discomfiting they are and are not likely to desire undergoing the experience ever again.

Yeast infection occurs as a result of the overgrowth of fungi in the body. These fungi are naturally present in our bodies but become eclipsed by bad fungi which begin to multiply at an alarming rate due to the presence of Candida albicans.

They affect areas in your body that retain moisture naturally. Areas like your armpit will retain moisture due to sweating and the naturally occurring hair in the vicinity. Your mouth is another area that retains moisture because there is always saliva whether you are talking, singing or just keeping quiet. Also, the area around your genitalia is one of the most common areas where moisture is retained; when you take a bath, have a bowel movement or swim.

The easiest ways to identify a yeast infection is by the itching, redness around and within the affected area, discomfiture, and the white vaginal discharges. These are just a few of the physical symptoms that accompany this condition.

While these physical symptoms can easily be dealt with, leaving them unchecked can cause your condition to escalate. It might then result in more grievous maladies which may be more embarrassing than the original yeast infection itself.

Most people will simply go straight to the hospital once they notice these symptoms or head for a pharmacy but unknown to them the solutions proffered by these medication mostly treat the symptoms alone and not the root cause of the infection.

However, many yeast infection home remedies are available which you can apply and this article will discuss two of them which are affordable, easily available in almost every home, and also effective in curing your condition…

1. Coconut Oil…

One of the most effective yeast infection home remedies is coconut oil; am sure you did not know that eh? Anyways, coconut oil does not only have anti-fungal properties, it is also a very exotic fruit (think pirates of the Caribbean and all those romantic islands).

You need to take about 3 – 4 tablespoonfuls of extra virgin coconut oil daily. It is your choice how you prefer to take it; you could add it into your drinks or foods, you may choose to cook with it, even add it to a plain glass of water, or drink it straight.

2. Garlic…

This multipurpose herb is fantastic as a home remedy for yeast infection. Also possessing anti-fungal properties, this potent herb kills yeast infection like mad.

You can use garlic as a suppository or simply cook with it. To use it as a suppository, you need to peel a clove of it off, wrap it with a gauze, attach a string to one end, and then insert it into your vagina at bedtime. Remove it in the morning once you awake by pulling it out using the attached string.

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