What is the Cure for Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis?

When you have bacterial vaginosis once, it is bad enough. Having recurring bacterial vaginosis can be very frustrating and is more common than you may think. To prevent recurring bacterial vaginosis, you will first have to take the appropriate steps to prevent it.

The most common symptoms experienced when you have bacterial vaginosis are a discharge with a strong, fishy odor and also an intense itching and burning sensation. To have it diagnosed, you should visit your doctor who can run a test to be sure that bacterial vaginosis is what you have.

After being diagnosed, your doctor will prescribe an oral antibiotic that you will need to take to keep the bacteria content of your body down. The unfortunate part when taking it long term is that it kills the good bacteria as well.

Treating recurring bacterial vaginosis in a natural way is preferable if you want to keep your body in harmony. This can usually be accomplished easily through a well balanced diet. When you eat a well balanced diet, your body and the amount of bacteria in your system will be balanced and less likely to form into bacterial vaginosis problems. When you no longer have to worry about the smell and the itching, it is a great feeling.

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