What Causes Yeast Infections in Women?

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Did you know that three out of four women throughout the world will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime? That’s a pretty significant number, and because of that, yeast infections are classified as “common”. But make no mistake – as common as they might be, they can make your life a temporary uncomfortable nightmare!

There are all kinds of articles and research available online to tell you how to treat a yeast infection, and how to prevent them, but what about what causes them? What exactly causes a yeast infection, and why do some women get them frequently?

In simple terms, it all pretty much boils down to a nasty little bugger of a fungus called candida albicans, which is found in various places including the mouth, intestines, and of course, your vagina. Depending on where this stuff is will determine what you call your infection. Candida albicans normally doesn’t cause any problems, but when it gets out of control, look out, because you’re in for a nasty ride.

Overgrowth of the fungus we spoke about above is when you’ll see a yeast infection (or, Thrush, if it happens in your mouth). There are all kinds of factors that might encourage the overgrowth of this fungus (or many other fungi that can also cause infections), but here are some common contributing causes:

  • Tight clothing (which traps moisture, giving fungi an ideal growth environment)
  • Antibiotic treatment (unfortunately, strong antibiotics can kill off good bacteria, which helps control fungus)
  • Pregnancy is another common cause of yeast infections (your body is all out of whack)
  • Diabetes can also contribute to an overgrowth of the fungus that will cause a yeast infection

There are some other causes, but the ones listed above are probably the more common ones. As you’ve probably already figured out, some of the causes can be controlled, and some can’t. Without trying to sound like a “doomsayer”, if you’re one of the unlucky women who experience frequent yeast infections, you need to be tested for HIV as soon as you can, as HIV positive women develop reoccurring yeast infections quite commonly.

Understanding the causes may help you make better decisions about preventive measures you can take to stop the development of a yeast infection. Keep yourself clean, and go the extra mile when performing regular hygiene, it’s definitely worth your time.

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