Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment – Is Prevention Better Than Cure? 3 Methods Proven To Help! by Ty Lamai

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Although vaginal yeast infection treatments are available, they will be unnecessary if the condition warranting their necessity is not present in the first place. Caused by fungus in your vagina, yeast infection can be very discomfiting and can lead to redness, itchiness, and white vaginal discharges.

If left untended, they can become acute and severe which may actually become life-threatening. Nevertheless, since we are not there yet, hopefully, this article will uncover 3 simple ways that you can make vaginal yeast infection treatments unnecessary…

#1 Avoid Moisture

Moist places act as a catalyst for the growth of the fungus that causes yeast infection. This moisture should be avoided at all cost if you are seriously seeking a way to treat vaginal yeast infection.

Moisture occurs as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothes or panties. They may also result from not changing out of wet swimsuits in a timely manner or not drying up properly after a bowel movement etcetera.

To counteract this, you should endeavor to change out of wet clothes as soon as possible and as often as possible. Additionally, you should avoid taking alcohol and sugar too…

#2 Avoid Alcohol & Sugar

Sugar should be completely eliminated from your diet and where this is impossible to do, you should try to reduce its intake drastically. You should also avoid alcohol intake completely.

The reason for this is because these substances have been known to upset the bacterial balance of your body and results in the buildup of yeast in your system.

As an alternative to taking sugar, you should include lots of protein into your diet. This will help you negate the need for vaginal yeast infection treatments. Another method involves avoiding so-called “fad” acts of intimacy…

#3 Avoid “In-Vogue” Acts of Intimacy

I am not against you having fun or excitement in you sex life, no! I am against you ignorantly increasing your partner’s risk of having a yeast infection or your own for that matter.

Avoid the use of Pop Rocks or Altoids if you are orally intimate with your partner because this will cause your vagina to come in direct contact with sugar (one of the most common catalysts of yeast infection). This can be avoided if you two wash thoroughly before intercourse.

In my opinion, and I think I am entitled, there is no need to indulge in fads that put your health at risk simply because you want to feel “among” or simply because you want to be part of the “hip” group or whatever.

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