Untreated Yeast Infection — What Happens When It’s Left Alone? by Matthew W. Lee

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So you happen to have the unfortunate chance of getting a yeast infection. Like many other people out there, you’re thinking about just leaving it alone and hope the infection will disappear on its own. While this can be true, it is not the safest way to go about getting rid of it. An untreated yeast infection can lead to potentially hazardous health problems in the future and leave you wishing that you took care of it the moment you knew it was present.

The Potential Dangers

When you leave your yeast infection untreated, it can go either one of two ways. One way is when the body eliminates the problem naturally. This typically happens only during times of menstruation. This happens because the body’s pH levels are increased making it hard for yeast to continue to grow. But of course not everybody is lucky to have high pH levels, otherwise there would be nobody diagnosed with this problem, therefore the other way an untreated infection can lead to is the disease itself.

If an untreated yeast infection becomes eliminated on its own, there is a possibility that the problem will return. A recurring infection may be even more difficult to cure than the first presence of the infection and can drastically affect one’s life. In fact, it can make your previous symptoms worse. For instance, the pain that you might experience when urinating can become more unbearable along with the itching and swelling.

Possible Medical Conditions

If an untreated yeast infection is left alone long enough, it can develop into sepsis which is a blood condition that affects the body. Sepsis is a serious blood condition in which bacteria spreads through the blood stream. As the bacteria spreads, it causes inflammation and pus formation in various parts of the body.

When an untreated yeast infection changes from non-pathogenic to pathogenic, it can create holes in the walls of the intestines. This allows toxic waste to enter the blood stream and leave you with many other infections and more health problems to worry about.

An untreated yeast infection is nothing to be joking around about. The dangers associated with the disease are far greater than spending a little time and money on a cure. It only takes a few minutes out of your day to treat it and rid yourself of the discomfort and potential health hazards, but a lifetime of suffering when the infection reaches a critical stage.

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