Seeking Candida Treatment? 4 Types Of Candida Cures Your Doctor Has Been Keeping Away From You! by Ty Lamai

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Candida is a condition which affects quite a number of people worldwide. It is common but dangerous if not handled with care and in a timely manner. In the USA alone, over 25% of the populace suffer from this condition.

Occurring in the mucous membranes and on the skin, Candida, which is more commonly referred to as yeast infection, is characterized by the overgrowth of fungi in the body.

Physical symptoms of Candida include, but are not limited to, the following; itchiness, white vaginal discharge, swollen redness, and general discomfort.

Since you seek a Candida treatment, be rest assured that you are in the right place reading the right article; in this article, you will discover the four types of Candida treatments and be given the option of choosing the one most suitable to your kind of person.

Type #1 – Topical Anti-Fungal Creams…

Topical anti-fungal creams are a widely popular type of Candida treatment; the reason is because they are effective due to the fact that they are applied directly to the affected area.

Examples of these include the following; Monistat-Derm, Femizole-7, Monistat Vaginal, Nystatin, Vagistat Vaginal, and Gyne-Lotrimin. Apart from these topical anti fungal creams, there’re also those kinds referred to as Probiotics…

Type #2 – Probiotics…

This type of Candida treatment works by stumping the growth of Candida. They also aid the restoration of the microbial balance in your body. Probiotics are the Candida treatment of choice for many people because they have been proven to be really effective in curing yeast infection, candidiasis and thrush.

Alternatively, oral drugs are also known for their efficacy where curing this condition is concerned…

#3 Oral Drugs…

Oral drugs are drugs that are administered through the mouth. While they are potent, a lot of people are not really comfortable with taking them due to the fact that they become nauseated afterwards.

Examples of this category of Candida treatment include Diflucan (fluconazole) and amphotericin; both of these are pharmaceutical drugs which are orally administered and highly effective, although slow.

Finally, there is the last type which is also a popular group among yeast infection sufferers; Herbal Remedies…

#4 Herbal Remedies…

Herbs are not a new method of curing ailments; they have been used since ancient civilizations like Rome, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and so on and are still in use today.

The reason for this is because of their availability, cost, and efficacy. Herbal options for curing Candida are formulated from common herbs including the following; tea tree oil, garlic, and gentian violet, lavender, coconut oil among others.

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