Male Yeast Infection: Ways To Get Rid Of It Fast!

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It is common knowledge that yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, is a common occurrence among women. But the fact is it can also affect men as well. Most of the time, thrush infection in men often goes undiagnosed which is brought about by the difficulty of detecting the infection because of anatomy differences. Male yeast infection symptoms, if it does occur, include red rashes, burning or itching in the head of the penis, as well as, pain during urination. There are ways and alternatives that you can take in order to get relief from the pain and discomfort that this condition inflicts.

Step number one. Over the Counter Treatments

There are over the counter antifungal creams that are available in your nearest drugstores which you can use and apply to the affected area. According to health professionals, the cream should be applied twice daily for at least one week. Take note that using these over the counter treatments can certainly alleviate thrush infection symptoms, however, it doesn’t provide a permanent cure and some people who have used these types of treatments stated that there are some side effects in using the product.

Step number two. Refrain From Having Sexual Intercourse

Since male yeast infection can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, it is best not to have sex with your partner until the time that both of you are free of thrush infection symptoms and have completed treatment.

Step number three. Make A Genital Examination

Check your private part by retracting your foreskin. If in case it is present, you need to clean it very well to prevent irritation. It is very important to keep your genital area clean and dry at all times in order to prevent the growth of yeast and help clear up your infection. In addition, it will also help in reducing the chances of irritation which may make yeast infection treatment more difficult.

Step number four. Go Through A Physical Examination

Male yeast infection can also be brought about by any underlying medical condition. For instance, if a person is a diabetic, he must get his blood glucose levels under control in order to get rid of thrush infection and prevent recurrence, as well. For men who are using spermicide and antibiotics, discontinue its use until your yeast infection is gone.

It is best to schedule an appointment with your health care provider if within a week of yeast infection treatment your symptoms fail to improve; also if you notice an aggravating symptoms or a penile discharge, or if you develop a fever, blisters, or other indications of infection.


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