Male Yeast Infection Revealed

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Male Yeast Infection Revealed

Even though you probably only hear about women experiencing yeast infections, they can actually occur in men as well. But the truth is even men are capable of getting yeast infections, and they need to learn about it just as much as women do.

Even though it is not considered and STD, a women with a yeast infection is perfectly capable of giving to an man during intercourse. But sex is not the only way for men to come down with a yeast infection. The same infection that affects women are the very same ones that effect men. This is why most doctors suggest that if he women has a yeast infection the man should as well.

The spermicide nonyxnol-9 that is in a condom can also cause a male yeast infection. Many tests and a lot of research has shown that this spermicide is capable of causing yeast infections with both genders.

You need to understand that sex is not the only way a man can get a male yeast infection. You can get a yeast infection in other areas of the body such as the mouth, digestive track, skin and even in your ears. Your diet, medications, and even if you get sick can all lead to yeast infections. If you eat a lot of sugar you may become infected, yeast loves sugar. Drinking too much alcohol such as beer is also known to lead to yeast infection due to the high rate of glucose as well as yeast itself that is in beer. Also diabetes mellitus is a known cause for yeast infections especially if you don’t treat your diabetes well. You can also get an oral thrush through smoking as well.

If you use too many antibiotics you may end up destroying the good bacteria allowing the yeast to grow in. If a man has a weakened immune system from things such as chemotherapy, steroids, AIDS, and even a kidney transplant are all at risk for a
yeast infection.

You will notice an itching feeling on the head of the penis as well as a red irritation. You may get red bumps that itch as well as small blisters. Smelling like yeast, you may also get a creamy white substance. They tend to look a lot of like STD’s, you should go to the doctor if any of these occur.

Other problems such as an oral thrust though, have cottage-cheese looking sores on the gums as well as the inside of your cheeks and tongue. It is known to get to the back of your throat as well. If a brush scrapes these they can become intensely painful. Other signs of yeast infections includes cracked skin, rashes that are red and itchy, and other lesions which are painful and pus filled. Systemic infections are not seen very often.

Yeast infections that effect males can be treated quite easily if caught. Anti-fungal creams that doctors prescribe usually work just fine for penis problems. Usually it only takes a week of twice-daily application to remove. There are those like Miconzole and Clotrimazole which are common. Fluconazole is used for oral versions of the infection. But if you have an oral thrush you may be treated through tablet, ointment, liquid, or lozenge form.

But you may find that treatments for the male version of this infection can have negative side effects on the area they are applied. You should consider a more natural approach to dealing with your yeast infection troubles. They have no side effects and work just as well.

By: Susane D

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