Latest what causes yeast infection news – Is This Hidden Infection Sabotaging Your Health?

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Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

Is This Hidden Infection Sabotaging Your Health?

Kept in check, the candida cells cause no harm. So how does this normally harmless yeast get out of control? The culprits may include heavy use of …   Read More…

Candida yeast infection in men

Normally, it does not cause any trouble as it is controlled by the immune system and other types of bacteria in the body. However, sometimes the fungus can …   Read More…

Candida yeast infection – aka Thrush – in women

These include: Vulvovaginal inflammation – this can cause redness, swelling and cracked skin (in sever cases) and satellite lesions, which may also indicate …   Read More…
That’s all the news for today guys, so until next time, thanks for stopping by.

Free Candida Diet Minicourse

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