Help For Preventing Yeast Infections In Women and Men

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There is a common misconception in that many people think about Candida problems just being related to women and therefore preventing yeast infections in women sometimes seems to be the main priority of the medical profession. However, men also suffer with this issue and should be helped as well.

The two treatments below can be beneficial to both men and women in their fight to prevent a yeast infection in the first place or to stop it if it occurs.

Caprylic Acid Treatment: Introducing caprylic acid supplements to your regimen each day can help prevent yeast infections from developing. The substance is a fatty acid known to have antifungal capabilities able to halt the proliferation of Candida in the human body and also to aid in the restoration of balance to the digestive flora. In order to obtain the greatest Candida-fighting effects, you should take 1 gram of caprylic acid each day.

Probiotic Agents: Probiotics are beneficial bacteria from sources such as yogurt featuring lactobacillus acidophilus. It is also possible to take probiotic supplements, which should be ingested in the amount of 10 billion units daily in order to restore proper Candida balance within the digestive system. Indeed, if antibiotics have been prescribed for an infection you have had, taking probiotic agents in conjunction with the medicine can further reduce the likelihood that you will have problems with Candida down the road.

Propolis: A supplement form of propolis can be taken, which is made from pine resins and bee products. There are strong antifungal capabilities found in propolis, able to alleviate throat, mouth and esophageal Candida infections. It is possible to obtain propolis capsules for easy ingestion.

Beneficial Vitamin C: Obtaining sufficient amounts of vitamin C from dietary sources or supplements bolsters the immune system against Candida infection as well. Taken in dosages of between 500 and 1000 milligrams daily, vitamin C helps alleviate problems with inflammation sometimes linked to the skin problems caused by yeast infections.

Following the advice in this article should help you to get this problem under control sooner rather than later.

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