Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts are very infectious and accounts for the reason of their continued prevalence but they also need to be treated early before they grow large. This form of human papillomavirus (or HPV) is just as easily transmitted orally as through sexual intercourse. Genital warts are not necessarily prevented by a person because they are wearing a condom and quite often they will pass on the virus without even knowing they have it; this is particularly true for women.

Just to compound the problem, there is no reason why once infected a person is infected, they do not have to show signs straight away and the virus may not activate for months, even longer.Nevertheless, once infection has occurred, the virus has a new host and the disease gets spread even more. There is large number of viruses, over one hundred in fact but it is the HPV6 strain that is responsible for ano-genital warts. Most warts are discovered quite early on in their development but a woman may have to wait until she has a routine gynecological examination if they are located in her cervix.

Women have the added problem that their genital area can be quite warm but also damp and are likely to have increased discharge which is an ideal situation for genital warts to thrive in. Liquid nitrogen is still the method of choice for wart removal for doctors and dermatologists as the very cold temperature destroys the skin and tissue but it normally takes more than one treatment. Using liquid nitrogen is a painless process but cannot be used on certain areas of the body which is why it is for the doctor or dermatologist to decide.

Two further options are available to doctors, the traditional cauterizing of the wart or the more modern but equally efficient laser process. All the treatments depend upon the location of the infection and even after they are removed, there is no guarantee they will not come up again. Genital warts can be treated with imiquimod which is administered to aid the immune system kill them directly but it still can’t kill the virus that causes the infection and some may still form even when the liquid is being used.

Imiquimod should be not be used in pregnancy without doctor’s consent,its use on inflamed skin or internally is also not recommended. Like all edications, imiquimod has side effects and if these are experienced it should be stopped immediately but this is worth discussing with your doctor prior to using it. It is also good to know that natural wart mole removal remedies can be used successfully. To learn more about them simply look for wart and mole removal remedies online. for natural Any information presented here is done to give an overview of the subject of genital warts and is not a substitute for professional medical advice which should be sought if the condition in this article relates to you.

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