Considering Bacterial Home Treatment for Vaginosis

When trying to treat bacterial vaginosis, you can either use medications or you can use a bacterial home treatment for vaginosis.

Because bacterial vaginosis is caused by a disruption in the pH balance of the vagina, the types of cures you use should be cures that act to regain that balance.

Treatment 1: Plain, unflavored, no sugar added yogurt is a wonderful way to treat bacterial vaginosis. By simply eating it regularly, or inserting it into the vagina, you can treat or prevent bacterial vaginosis.

Treatment 2: Tea tree oil used at the site of infection is another wonderful treatment option. It has powerful antiseptic properties that will help regulate the bacteria.

Treatment 3: Cranberry juice has often been used to cure bacterial vaginosis. Drinking a few glasses of it each day can take care of the infection quickly.

Treatment 4:
Start eating a well balanced diet, because this can help you keep your body in a better state of balance.

A bacterial home treatment for vaginosis is the preferred method over antibiotics because you can cure the problem without having to experience any of the side effects. When you are finally able to be cured of the embarrassing symptoms, it is a great feeling.

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