Chronic Yeast Infections in Women

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A chronic yeast infection can be a persistent nightmare for some women. Despite the overgrowing number of antibiotics, drugs and creams available, this condition is somehow tricky and can flare back up again several times during the year. Prevention is often the best cure. This article will cover the main reasons for recurring yeast infections.

Women diagnosed with a Candida infection will have some or all of the following symptoms: vaginal itch and discharge, soreness and redness of the vagina and painful urination.

Chronic Candida infections occur for a number of reasons.

A weak immune system. Women that have a weak immune system because of cancer treatments such chemotherapy are easily prone to recurring Candida infections and should be treated as soon as symptoms appear. Yeast infections are also common among women that are infected with HIV so if you are prone to regular Candida infections also get tested for HIV infection.

Regular intake of antibiotics and birth control pills – by regularly taking antibiotics you kill off the good bacteria in your body leaving your body in a prone to the rapid growth of yeast resulting in an infection.

“Feminine products” that contain flavours and colours and a lack of proper hygiene. An infection is easily triggered by regular use of these chemical based products.

Stress is another major contributor to Candida overgrowth and coupled with lack of sleep you are bound to be more prone to these infections.

Finally a poor diet consisting of all the wrong foods lacking in nutrition allows for your body to be a regular host for chronic yeast infections.

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