candida treatment – Natural Treatment For Yeast Infection – The Anti Candida Diet

Even though we have Candida Albicans growing in our colon it is of a level that won’t do us any harm, normally. However there are certain foods which we eat and which can help to create an environment that these particular bacteria (even though it is good) thrive. When this occurs then the increased levels of Candida in the body can cause it harm. However, there are things that one can do and by introducing an anti Candida diet one can prevent this from happening.

So what does an anti Candida diet require us to do?

Because this type of bacteria is a kind of yeast the diet needs to be one where we aren’t consuming any products with yeast or sugar in them. It is important to remember that sugar provides sustenance for the yeast and which will help it to grow more. So along with eliminating sweets from your diet you need to start eliminating foods that have high amounts of sugar in them. So avoid soda drinks (even diet ones) as well as alcohol and instead start drinking lots more water.

Also it is important that you remove as many processed foods from your diet as well. Again these will contain high levels of sugar which will result in providing the food that will help the Candida Albicans to grow. Plus you should reduce the amount of bread and potatoes your diet includes as again these contain yeast and sugar which both can exacerbate the situation.

Finally although you can incorporate eating natural plain unsweetened yogurt in your diet you should reduce the amount of dairy products you consume. The problem is that if your levels of Candida Albicans are high your body will find it more difficult to digest whole milk or cheese properly. Instead eliminating these and consume more organic skimmed milk.

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