Candida Treatment For Yeast Infection In Men

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Candida Treatment For Yeast Infection In Men

Yeasts are organisms normally found in the stomach and sexual organs of a person; mostly of women. They are part of the normal flora of the body and are harmless when there is homeostasis. An infection generally occurs when there is a break in the balance, when the good bacteria are absent; these yeasts proliferate and then become harmful. Yeast infection in men normally happens when these good bacteria falls due to low immune system, the yeasts may take advantage of this and cause havoc in the body. Also a yeast infection may occur when a body is exposed to large doses of antibacterial for prolonged period of time; the yeasts may develop immunity to these drugs making them useless in keeping balance.

Male diagnosis of yeast infection may be harder than diagnosing a female; some doctors may misdiagnose this condition for a fungal infection giving wrong treatment. This is because symptoms of the infection in the male take longer time to appear. Sometimes a female partner contracting the infection from her male partner would experience the symptoms first.

So what do you do when you experience a yeast infection?

The men are advised to undergo a colon cleanse, as yeast thrive in acidic environment, a good colon cleansing can eliminate the acidity. Yeasts are also considered toxins, so the cleansing will clear the colon of these toxins. When under the cleansing it is important to stay away from dairy products which have contents of yeasts, like milk, wheat, eggs, splenda and so on.

Coconut extracts, in the form of pressed cold coconuts, virgin coconut oil, or the ones in pills or bottled liquid form, help prevent and treat male yeast infection. With coconuts, garlic and oregano are also among the food products that can help alleviate the condition. The anti bacterial and anti fungal pr
operties of these herbs kill the infection with generous application for a certain period of time.

By: Anna Brandy

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Herbs and homeopathic supplements are Candida treatment choices. They’re safe, easy to use and effective in eradication yeast infection in men and women, too!

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