Are There Any Home Remedies For Yeast Infections? 3 Highly Effective Yeast Infection Remedies! by Ty Lamai

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In plain and simple English, the answer to the question above is yes there are home remedies for yeast infection. These infections, caused by the overgrowth of naturally occurring fungi in your body, can be completely cured and totally eliminated by taking advantage of remedies that consist of everyday foods, drinks and substances.

The advantage of which is cost, availability, and efficacy wrapped in one bundle. This article will look at 3 of such home remedies for yeast infections which you can apply starting right now…

#1 Over-The-Counter Medication…

While you may not have this readily available in your home, access to these medications is not difficult due to the fact that they are available in and around your neighborhood.

All you need to do is head to your local pharmacy and you will most likely find these medications. They include creams, suppositories, and tablets having an efficacy range between 3 – 7 days.

The primary ingredients in these medications include clotrimazole, miconazole and tioconazole. Additionally, you may utilize a homemade garlic suppository…

#2 Garlic Suppositories…

If the above method is not “homely” enough, you can opt for homemade garlic suppositories to cure yeast infections. They are common, available in your home, effective, have been reported as very successful in combating yeast infections and cheap.

To make a suppository out of garlic is very simple. Peel a clove of garlic, attach a string or thread to one end of it so that you can retract it whenever you need to. Just before going to bed, you should insert it into your vagina and keep it in place until morning; remove it once you awake the next day.

Continue until you notice the disappearance of the physical symptoms (redness, itching, and discomfort). If this proves to be too painful, you may use another home remedy which is not painful at all; yogurt…

#3 Yogurt…

This drink is one of the favorites of many people around the world. Little do they know that it is also one of the most unassumingly effective home remedies for yeast infections.

Unfortunately, around the internet, it has been bandied around by every Tom, Dick, and Harry so much so that many people now believe it to be ineffective in curing this ailment.

Not so! Look around, or rather, read around – you’d notice that many of these sites do not mention the most important ingredient which the yogurt must contain to be effective; Acidophilus…you cannot just use any yogurt, it must contain this probiotic supplement which combats the bacteria that causes yeast infection.

This type of yogurt can be identified through its label (it should have “live cultures” written on it). You may drink it, apply it externally, or insert it into your vagina – your choice will depend on which part of your body is affected and how fast you need to eliminate the infection.

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